Michael Heffer

Michael Heffer
Clinical Program Director for Diagnostics and Therapeutics
St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Michael is currently the Clinical Program Director for Diagnostics and Therapeutics at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, where he oversees Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Engineering, Cardiology/Respiratory/Neurology Diagnostic services and Pharmacy services. He is a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience at several Toronto hospitals. Michael dedicates a lot of time to Quality Improvement Initiatives at St. Joseph’s with a view to ensuring appropriate care is matched with best practice to improve the overall patient experience.

In addition to sitting on the CMEPP board, Michael is Chair of the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Research Ethics Board. He earned his Masters of Health Science degree and held a faculty position as Course Coordinator and Lecturer at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy for over 10 years.

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