CMEPP does not repair equipment or employ service technicians. We procure equipment maintenance services on the Participant’s behalf. Participants ultimately decide who will repair their equipment and this is coordinated and managed through CMEPP.
CMEPP is not an insurance company. However, we do provide assurance to Participants that their repair costs will never exceed the fiscal year contribution amounts for in-scope services. Participants never have to worry about unexpected or additional repair costs should their equipment perform poorly and experience higher than anticipated service costs.
CMEPP provides complete audited financials to each and every Participant at the end of each hospital fiscal year. The amount of surplus is calculated based on the amount of contribution less the repair costs and expenses throughout the year. Since CMEPP is a not-for-profit organization, there are no internal profits deducted from the surplus.
CMEPP Participants have the choice as to who ultimately services their equipment. CMEPP has relationships with over 100 Service Suppliers so Participants can maintain the same service technician relationships that they currently have if they wish to do so.
One of the unique benefits CMEPP Participants enjoy is the assurance that they will never be asked to pay more money if repair costs are higher than expected. Everyone in the CMEPP community benefits from that. Fortunately, these situations do not happen too often and for the past 20 years, CMEPP has provided a healthy surplus to Participants.
Since CMEPP is a not-for-profit organization, the operational costs are fixed and allocated throughout the program. The net effect of more Participants and equipment in the community is that CMEPP costs are spread out, yielding more surplus for everyone. The more you put into the program, the more you can get out of it. 
Since CMEPP represents so many different hospitals and healthcare organizations, we are in the best position to help resolve any potential supplier performance issues. CMEPP is here to help escalate and resolve any service-related problems and we are just a phone call away.
We all know the financial constraints facing the Canadian healthcare system and we believe all stakeholders understand we collectively need to work together to tackle this challenge. CMEPP plays a key role by working collaboratively with all stakeholders and creating a community to address this challenge. CMEPP’s role provides unique value whether you are a Supplier, a Shared Service Organization, a hospital or healthcare Participant.