Nadia Piculik, CPA, CMA

Nadia Piculik, CPA, CMA
Financial Controller

Nadia joined CMEPP as Financial Controller in July 2020 and became an integral part of the CMEPP management team.

In her role, Nadia is responsible for corporate finance, accounting, financial reporting and audit. With a focus on meeting the needs of CMEPP Participants and stakeholders, she plays an essential role in fulfilling CMEPP’s high standards of business performance.

Nadia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Belorussian University and earned her Ontario CMA, CPA designation in 2015.

Continuous learning is one of Nadia’s core philosophies. She is inspired by the range of talents around her and is always looking for ways to expand the scope of her capabilities. Her goal is to provide meaningful financial reporting and expert advice that helps the CMEPP team make informed strategic business decisions.

Prior to joining CMEPP, Nadia worked as an Accounting Manager in Media Edge Communications Inc. and the Pricing Management Group.

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