Contact information:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Nils Clausen
Phone: 416-884-0878
E-mail: nclausen@cmepp.com

Director, Operations and Supplier Relations

Todd Presswood
Phone: (d) 647-668-9370
E-mail: tpresswood@cmepp.com

Director, Participant Operations

Anthony Zanardo
Phone: 647-588-6327
E-mail: azanardo@cmepp.com

Senior Manager, Operations

Shamin Joshi
Phone: 416.721.3807
Email: sdewsi@cmepp.com

Leader Business Systems and IT Development

Anuar Nazzar
Phone: 647.551.7905
Email: anazzar@cmepp.com

Financial Controller

Nadia Piculik
Phone: 647-368-6214
E-mail: npiculik@cmepp.com

Relationship Executive Ontario

TJ Jarvis
Phone: 705-772-9597
E-mail: tjarvis@cmepp.com

Relationship Executive Western Canada

Adam Beland
Phone: 604-368-4692
E-mail: abeland@cmepp.com

Relationship Executive, Atlantic Canada

Shawn Ward
Phone: 506-295-9273
E-mail: sward@cmepp.com

Sales Coordinator

Laura Pett
Email: lpett@cmepp.com

Administrative Coordinator

Sara Tadros
Phone: 647-368-6210
E-mail: stadros@cmepp.com

Supplier Services Specialist

Penny Gklinos
E-mail: pgklinos@cmepp.com

Coordinator, Supplier Relations

Gail Smith
Phone: 647-368-6211
E-mail: gsmith@cmepp.com

Business Analyst

Albert Ng
Phone: 647-368-6215
E-mail: ang@cmepp.com

Business Analyst

Clayton Catching
Phone: 647-352-9718
E-mail: ccatching@cmepp.com

Claims Coordinator

Sherry Mahdavi
Phone: 647-352-9718
E-mail: smahdavi@cmepp.com

Kamella Persaud
E-mail: kpersaud@cmepp.com