PRESS RELEASE: CMEPP Saves Canadian Hospitals Over $2M for the Third Year in a Row, $40M to Date

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TORONTO – September 27, 2018 – Canada’s only not-for-profit organization dedicated to managing healthcare equipment service contracts, Canadian Medical Equipment Protection Plan (CMEPP), is pleased to announce that over $2.1 million dollars has been saved for hospitals in the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This is the third consecutive year that CMEPP has returned over $2 million dollars in savings back to hospitals. Also, the program has returned over $40 million dollars in cumulative savings to hospitals since its inception in 1996.

According to Nils Clausen, General Manager, CMEPP, 2017 was an extremely positive year for the organization, with the addition of many large hospitals and health systems. He states:

“These institutions are representative of the innovative and forward thinking needed to drive positive change in Canadian healthcare. We are honoured to serve as a partner in these efforts by helping them derive savings from their medical equipment service contracts. By removing unnecessary spending, CMEPP members are delivering high quality care at a lower cost, which is imperative in today’s healthcare environment.”

In order to support its member hospitals, CMEPP has begun working more closely with shared service organizations (SSO) and group purchasing organizations (GPO). Having similar goals and objectives, the more these organizations can work together, the more savings can be achieved and passed onto hospitals.

In addition, CMEPP works closely with its service supplier network to achieve operational efficiencies resulting in positive financial outcomes for their businesses. CMEPP ensures all of its service suppliers uphold an acceptable level of quality of service sufficient to meet hospital requirements.

“Collaboration, open communication, and transparent information sharing enables better decision making in healthcare,” said Clausen. “All stakeholders must work together to drive out costs not only for their own organizations, but for the industry as a whole. We are all in this together and at the end of the day we are all committed to the same goal – delivering to patients the high quality and financially responsible care that they expect and deserve.”

As the number of CMEPP participants continues to grow, so does the reduction in overall costs and subsequent savings for all participants. To learn how your hospital can reduce equipment maintenance costs through CMEPP, contact: tel: 416-730-3017 or email:



CMEPP is a hospital member shared service organization dedicated to driving hard dollar savings for healthcare organizations related to medical equipment service contracts. As a not-for-profit organization, CMEPP is owned and governed by its hospital members, all profits are returned back to the hospitals at the end of the financial year. CMEPP’s flexible approach solves clients’ most challenging issues and delivers hard dollar savings that can be reinvested in patient care. CMEPP is located in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit:

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