CMEPP stakeholders can be grouped into four areas, each of whom plays a role in the delivery of timely and efficient medical equipment service at the lowest possible cost.



CMEPP Participants are hospitals and healthcare organizations spread across Canada that own and are responsible for managing medical equipment. Whether it’s a large teaching hospital or small community healthcare organization, CMEPP provides a service program that offers value and flexibility. Since CMEPP has a fixed operational cost, the more organizations and equipment in the program, the greater the savings for all Participants.

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Suppliers & Distributors

Suppliers & Distributors

Suppliers and Distributors are key to ensuring medical equipment is always up and running since they are the ones that actually service the equipment. CMEPP has relationships with over 100 Supplier organizations that represent the majority of equipment manufacturers and alternative service providers. As the single point of contact with Suppliers and Distributors, the Participants in CMEPP’s program can choose who ultimately performs service on their equipment at all times.


Shared Service Organizations (SSOs) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

As healthcare continues to consolidate and transform their operations to more efficient supply chain and strategic sourcing hubs, CMEPP works collaboratively with SSOs to identify savings opportunities for their members. Operating under a similar governance model enables CMEPP to provide SSOs with focused knowledge and expertise about the best medical equipment repair and maintenance options.

CMEPP works with GPOs in a complimentary way. Since GPOs focus more on strategic sourcing of medical equipment and work with their members on the procurement of capital assets and medical supplies, CMEPP’s focus is strictly on medical equipment repair and maintenance services. This creates a synergistic approach, with GPOs and CMEPP united in the goal of hard dollar savings for the healthcare providers.

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CMEPP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing hard dollar savings that can be re-invested into patient care. We are BPS compliant and participant owned.

We will review your current medical equipment contracts and let you know if you can save money. We will also indicate by how much. There are no obligations and you can add or remove equipment at any time.

CMEPP streamlines the service repair process while providing same quality of service with the same Supplier representatives. We handle the administrative work so there are minimal delays in addressing equipment downtime.

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  • We have delivered over $37,000,000 in savings since 1996
  • We have over 40+ participants
  • 20th consecutive year where we delivered a surplus to participants