Before she joined CMEPP in August, Shamin Joshi spent eight years at JLABS Toronto, a life sciences network for innovation within Johnson & Johnson. JLABS provides startups with access to capital-efficient lab space and resources, expertise, community, industry connections and entrepreneurial programs. The no-strings-attached life sciences incubator enables innovators to focus on delivering healthcare solutions while the day-to-day operations of the 40,000 square foot facility is managed by the onsite JLABS Team.

We talked to Shamin about her life at JLABS and why she’s excited to work at CMEPP.

What was your job at JLABS?

I was the Business Operations Manager in a lean team of four people responsible for managing separate portfolios. I joined as a part of the inaugural team in 2015 and participated in the build-out of the facility. My role was the first of its kind for J&J in Canada within the incubator realm. I was responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction through the effective management of site and business operations. My primary responsibilities included: Portfolio Management, Finance, Laboratory Equipment Management, Resident Onboarding, Audit Management and Compliance Initiatives.

What was satisfying about the role?

I enjoyed working with the resident companies from initial concept to growth. It was satisfying being a part of their journey as they established themselves within the ecosystem. Through my time at JLABS Toronto I met the most brilliant people – doctors, nurses, scientists and entrepreneurs, all working through the grind to turn their ideas into reality. Each company treated me as a part of their journey, and I appreciated collaborating with them. The sense of community with the residents is my primary takeaway from this role and what kept me engaged during my time there.

What drew you to CMEPP?

Earlier in my career I worked for a small WSIB company that was affiliated with the University Health Network. The company was medium in size like CMEPP with bold ambitions and a program that was benefitting the community. I had ambitions to return to a company like this later in my career after I acquired additional experience. When I was approached about the role at CMEPP, I was excited to participate when I saw CMEPP’s impact on the healthcare community. I soon realized a lot of its offerings aligned with my experience. And once I met the team I knew this opportunity was a great fit! I’m so happy it worked out and am grateful to be a part of this excellent, high-performing team.

What excites you about working in healthcare?

Healthcare is something I’ve been passionate about throughout my career journey. I’m not a scientist or someone delivering care on the fronline, but I always wanted to play a role in creating a positive experience for patients. As I’ve evolved in my career, I’ve been fortunate to participate in roles that impact the patient experience in a positive way, facilitating access to the healthcare patients require without barriers. This is my continued focus and what drives me to continue my career in healthcare.

What’s your mantra in life?

I never try to get too comfortable because I don’t want to be complacent. I always want to be learning more.