The Trusted Advisor on
Healthcare Equipment Management

The Trusted Advisor on
Healthcare Equipment Management


CMEPP is Canada’s only not-for-profit organization dedicated to taking the pain out of managing medical equipment service contracts. Our flexible approach solves your most challenging issues and delivers hard dollar savings that can be reinvested in patient care.

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CMEPP Case Study!

Read about actual hospital experiences with CMEPP

This case study documents the financial and administrative challenges facing hospitals when managing medical equipment service requirements and the value CMEPP has brought to four (4) prominent hospital members by way of more cost-effective and informed decisions.

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British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority

“My experience in working with CMEPP to onboard laboratory equipment is very positive. The upfront savings and year-end surplus are wonderful, but above the cost avoidance and savings returned is the flexibility of the CMEPP program. The staff at CMEPP know medical equipment and are able to provide timely advice and engage participants across Canada to ensure all participants received the best value for money.”

~ Brenda Heartwell, Senior Project Lead, British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority

Christie Innomed

“What I appreciate is CMEPP’s depth of equipment knowledge and experience. They know what they’re asking for is sometimes difficult for us to do, so they’ll push for it and we often come up with a creative solution together.”

~ Carl DeCoste, Vice President, National Service, Christie Innomed


“CMEPP’s focus on delivering savings on medical equipment service contracts, complements Plexxus’ focus on delivering value to its hospitals. Both organizations share a commitment to collaboration in order to create value.”

~ Andrea Englert-Rygus, Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, Plexxus