Parliament building in Ottawa, surrounded by Canadian flags

Canadian hospitals function under strict cost constraints and must be able to choose the medical equipment service methodology, provider and cost that best meets their requirements. As your trusted advisor, CMEPP knows that an open and competitive marketplace is vital for medical equipment service management in Canada.

For that reason, CMEPP submitted a position paper to the Standing Committee on Industry and Trade (INDU) on February 15. In the paper, on behalf of the 275 facilities we represent in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia, we affirm our support for Bill C-244.


Bill C-244, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act (diagnosis, maintenance and repair), was introduced as a private member’s bill. It seeks to ensure that undue barriers do not exist for diagnosis, repair and maintenance through technological protective measures placed into a computer program. The existence of those barriers directly impedes CMEPP’s ability to achieve cost savings for our Participant hospital members through efficient servicing of your medical equipment.

Click here to read our full submission.

Thank you to all our Participant members who wrote expressing your support for the Bill. Your feedback provided the foundation for our position paper.