Renata Post

New CMEPP employee Renata Post didn’t find her strength as a business analyst right away but she did gravitate to healthcare.

What was your previous position?

Before joining CMEPP I worked at Smart Technologies for eight years, where in my final role I was a business analyst. I was part of a small team, helping the organization transition to being a data-driven organization. That’s when PowerBI came into my world – I discovered it was a dynamic reporting tool. We brought it to the entire organization.

How did you find your path?

I didn’t find my strength as a business analyst right away but I did gravitate to healthcare. My first roles were in administration at Princess Margaret and Toronto Western, collecting information and supporting clinical programs. Then I made a big transition – we moved to Alberta where I started working in oil and gas as a project coordinator. I was supporting an engineering team, building out proposals and allocating time and materials.

What do you find interesting about working with data?

Part of being an analytical person is that I understand the processes that go into solving problems and making decisions. You rely on the data to help you make those decisions. I love learning, so I think that’s probably where a lot of my experience and skillset come from.

What attracted you to working with CMEPP?

I was attracted to CMEPP because I know it’s a data-driven organization and I believe in the mission of improving our healthcare system. I want to be proud of the organization I work for. Part of my role that’s very satisfying is being able to give Participants more visibility to how their equipment is performing. Another factor is how inviting and friendly the people are!