2 Photos, one of Deanna Fedio & one of Faith Forbes

At our 2022 Annual General Meeting, two new members joined CMEPP’s Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming Deanna Fedio and Faith Forbes.

You can learn more about Deanna and Faith on our Team Page.

Deanna is Legal Counsel for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and Faith is Chief Financial Officer for Humber River Hospital.

In a recent conversation, Deanna shared her motivation for joining our board and why the mission of CMEPP is meaningful to her.

What does good governance and being an active board member mean to you?

Good governance and an active board is what makes the difference between a regular organization and a great organization. Active board members don’t consider the job done when the base systems are in place. They plan for long-term success by working with the leadership to ensure they’ve provided sufficient guidance, identifying potential risks, and analyzing what changes may need to be made to the strategic plan or governance structure overall to respond to changing needs and external pressures.

How did earlier roles prepare you for the job you’re doing now at the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority?
I’ve always sought out opportunities to contribute to growth of the organizations and teams where I’ve worked. Since my call to the bar, I’ve taken that initiative to the next level by focusing my practice on governance, regulatory compliance, business development, and risk mitigation. As a passionate supporter of our health care system, I consider myself very fortunate to be in a role where I can use my skills to help improve the overall efficacy of the system, which in turn helps our front line staff provide quality care to patients and clients.


What makes the mission of CMEPP meaningful to you?

One of the core goals of CMEPP’s model is to help healthcare organizations find cost savings, which they can then reinvest into other programs that help improve patient outcomes. That’s the same spirit that drew me to my current role, so the mission definitely resonates with my personal values.


You have a busy and consuming career. How do you maintain balance in your own life?

Schedules! I’ve learnt the hard way that work can easily consume you without one. I do my best to make sure I have blocks of time in my schedule to spend time with friends and loved ones, take part in my hobbies, go running, and take advantage of everything BC has to offer.