As someone who works in the world of medical equipment, you’ve probably heard of CMEPP but maybe don’t know much about how it works. CMEPP, or the Canadian Medical Equipment Protection Plan, was created for two main reasons – 1) to give hospitals some choice over how their medical equipment contracts are managed, and 2) to help them find cost savings.

The rumours are true: Yes, we do give money back. Whatever surplus we have at the end of the year goes back to the members. On average, we return over $2 million annually to Participant hospitals.

There are a few details you’ll learn when you start working with CMEPP, but in a nutshell, you and your staff won’t need to spend a lot of time with us, your equipment will be managed efficiently, and you will realize cost savings.

Bottom line – Here’s what you can expect when you partner with CMEPP:

  • Trusted advice – We don’t fix the equipment but have years of experience and extensive knowledge of medical equipment. This enables us to build strong relationships with suppliers and negotiate the best contracts.
  • A strong Participant experience – In our early years, we worked on a time and materials basis but now we create a customized solution based on our knowledge of your equipment – whether that’s time and materials, a full-service contract or preventative maintenance.
  • Continuous and relevant information: Members can now access a Participant Portal that gives you data in real time about your equipment, preventative maintenance schedule, and a supplier scorecard to help you make better decisions.
  • Value – We’re constantly looking for cost-saving opportunities. There are upfront savings when you start working with CMEPP and an opportunity for a year-end surplus. In 2020-21, we delivered $3 million in surplus.

Participant members agree: “The versatility and agility of CMEPP provides Hôpital Montfort with transparency and cost savings which are critical for managing our equipment service and repair needs. CMEPP’s service allows us to make better financial decisions and direct savings to where they are needed most – quality patient care.” ~ Daniel Anctil, CPA, CMA, Executive Director, Hôpital Montfort

You probably have questions: Contact TJ Jarvis, or Adam Beland, for more information.