Top 10 Reasons for Joining CMEPP

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CMEPP is a Not-For-Profit organization that helps hospitals save money through effective management of medical equipment service contracts. We are governed by our hospital Participants within the program.

Our unique model allows us to work with service suppliers to provide the most value for our Participants. Our expertise and knowledge in medical equipment service contracts allows us to provide savings to hospitals and valuable information to Group Purchasing and Shared Services Organization across Canada.    

Here are the Top 10 Reasons for Joining CMEPP:

Upfront Cost Savings

Participants can see immediate savings

Predictable Budget

You can better plan the cost of service for the year

Options That Meet Your Needs

Make cost-effective decisions that saves money

Savings Returned To You

If service is not needed, money is returned to you

Shared Risk Model

The program protects you from unexpected costs

No Change in Business Process

There is little to no change in your current workflow 

Improved Supplier Relations

If there is an issue, we can help find a solution

Capped Contribution

Your contribution is predetermined for the year

Focus On Patient Care

We do the admin work, including payment to vendors

Easily Add/Remove Equipment

You can add or remove equipment at any time. There are no fees or penalities

Ready to join or not quite sure yet?

Why not visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!

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