Photo of Anuar Nazzar

CMEPP’s new Leader, Business Systems and IT Development joined the organization in March. Anuar Nazzar comes from a family of physicians but from an early age was drawn to information technology. Working for CMEPP is the perfect synergy of his two interests – a passion for healthcare and an opportunity to use IT Microsoft technologies to transform CMEPP’s business.

Welcome to CMEPP Anuar. Can you tell us about your background?

I’m from the north coast of Colombia, specifically from the city of Barranquilla. After completing high school, I attended Los Andes University in Bogotá, an institution that is renowned in Latin America for its high standards of education. During my time there, I studied Computer Science and Systems Engineering, which gave me a strong foundation in technology and its applications. My education, combined with my passion for technology and experience, prepared me for a career in the tech industry.

Why do you choose this course of study?

Despite being surrounded by doctors in my family, I never felt pressured to follow in their footsteps. In fourth grade, I started using a computer in school and was immediately fascinated by it. This experience ignited my passion for technology, which has only grown stronger over time.

One of your main roles at CMEPP is enhancing our CRM system as the organization accelerates it growth. Can you talk about your background in in working on CRM systems?

For over ten years, I was a CRM specialist with Microsoft. It was a fascinating job that took me all over Latin America. I knew I had to limit my travelling when I got married and started having children, so I started doing CRM implementation in a Microsoft partner company.

This Microsoft partner company was dedicated to assisting small and mid-sized customers with their technology needs. I was often tasked with understanding the customer’s business and translating their needs into effective IT solutions using Microsoft cloud applications. With my expertise in CRM implementation and knowledge of the Microsoft platform I was able to me to provide valuable guidance to clients, ultimately helping them improve their business processes and drive growth.

AI (and specifically ChatGPT) is becoming a big presence in our lives. What do you think about it – is it a good thing, something we should be cautious about, or a bit of both?

AI represents one of the most significant shifts in human history. It presents a wealth of opportunities to drive innovation and make people’s lives easier. With a well-driven AI application, people can make better use of their most valuable asset: time. I expect AI to dramatically change our society and the way we work.

But it also comes with a host of risks and challenges. The focal point should be the social challenges, for instance, in terms of job displacement. Security and privacy concerns, the spread of fake news, ethical issues and a shift in power dynamics are just a few of the potential issues that could arise with the widespread, uncontrolled adoption of AI.

Given these challenges, I believe that everyone should be prepared and knowledgeable about this new tool. This requires a deep understanding of the technology itself, as well as its implications for society as a whole. I think AI is a powerful tool that must be wielded with care and responsibility.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I cherish spending quality time with my wife and kids. I make it a priority to play with them as often as possible. My wife and I also enjoy seeking out shows that come to Toronto, as we both appreciate the arts and culture.

My favorite sport is soccer, which has been a passion of mine since childhood. In fact, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice with two professional teams in my country, which allowed me to immerse myself even further in the sport.

Finally, I have a deep love of travel, and I value the opportunity to explore new places whenever I can. I devote time to researching and planning each trip, ensuring that my family can make the most out of every experience.

What drew you to CMEPP?

Two things caught my attention: first, I have a deep appreciation for the healthcare industry, which stems from my family background. And second, the company’s strategic commitment to using IT Microsoft technologies to transform their business. I’m excited about the potential for innovation and growth within CMEPP, and I believe that my skills and expertise can help contribute to this transformation journey. Overall, I see this new opportunity as a chance to combine my passion for healthcare with my expertise in technology, working towards a common goal of improving healthcare system outcomes and driving positive change in the industry.